Thursday, 28 January 2010

My review of Boys Over Flowers / kkot Boda Namja

Taiwanese version:Meteor Garden (2001),
Japanese vesion: Hana Yori Dango (2007)

Annyeong Haseyo?Hahaha..See my blog?and can u spot the differences?The header and the sidebar images?That means im back obsessing with korean drama!Now,it's Boys Over Flower!!!
OK,OK I know.This drama has made the world havoc about almost a year so,and me just now starting to get crazy over this?? so outdated!!(cover face with hands)

ok2,like i care about it?Im not alone,because 8tv also late on airing the drama(it will finish next week-today episode Jun Pyo had an accident and will have amnesia) while i took only few days to finish the 25 episodes (seems like i got too much time on my hands uh?).So,i guess for those who can't watch it online,they are still hooking up with BOF on 8tv.oh how sad!

so now i just want to tell my review,what i think of this super duper hits drama!Before that i would like to tell,FYI,half part of the drama was made on the spot.I mean that,example;they are going to airing the 15th episode next week so about a week or two before that they are shooting for the episode.So,I guess they can still change a lil of the story based on audience review aite.But still sticks to the main storyline laa..Actually,i still dunno why are they doing like this,or this is how korean makes drama,but there must be pros and cons aite.All the casts has been in car accident while in shooting weeks,looks how hectic the schedule was.

My B.O.F overall review:

Firstly,every time i watch this i kept on comparing with Goong (Princess Hours).Duh!sorry fans!I also noticed the illogical of some scenes that a bit disturbing for me.As for the romance,korean dramas are well known for not having too much romance towards those 18sx stuff,if u can notice when the couples are kissing,they were just touching the lips.That is why i love about korean dramas (compared to movies it's more aggressive) their culture almost the same as ours.Despite that their BACK-HUG is so trademark!On the other hand,it would be better if emm...hehehehe...
However,why do i get butterflies on some romance scene in Goong?But,i felt nothing when watch Jun Pyo hugs/kisses Jan Di?I just don't get the feeling..tak sampai.

Aim on the centre of the picture!Weehee..

Anyway,their winter wardrobes were drop-dead gorgeous,I love all the trench coat that been using by Jun Pyo,those suit wore by Ji Hoo,Yi Jung,and Woo Bin.The school uniform did shown that they are an elite school,better than Goong,but the skirt is quite short for the students.Jan Di always wore jumper since they were shooting the drama in winter,i would love to see her in casual baby t-shirt.

Stunning wardrobes.Perfect F4!

As for the set/casts (im not sure if they were using the actual house etc,but Jun Pyo house i guess they made it) was awesome too!Ji Hoo house is way more traditional,huge,that's weird he 's staying alone.Without a butler,maid any company (although he did say he's not comfortable if ppl around,but not Jan Di),Yi Jung is a potter,he loves pottery,but does it makes any sense that he just staying in that cool studio?And for Woo Bin we have no idea about him,very little character for him,no family,girlfriend although a.k.a playboy,just with some bodyguard.He's known as a son of hinted to be mafia.

Lastly,before im off to bed,let's review about the drama's OSTs.after i heard all the song,basically all of it are easy-listening,catchy,sad etc.But,my pick is Do You Know by Someday.The lyric,vocal,music so wooww!!I played it repeatedly in LRT,or anytime the earphones were plugged in my ears.
Other selection would be Almost Paradise,Fight the Bad Feeling,Wish U're My Love-T-Max,Because I'm Stupid,Making A Lover-SS501,Stand by Me-SHInee,A'ST1-Yearning Heart,Starlight Tears-Kim Yoo Kyung.

Oh,the main thing i forgot!The ending.It was a bit tasteless,dull,like something went missing.Not 'umphh' enough.Or they're planning on the sequel??Hurm..

He acted well indeed,the emotions,especially the expression.
Another success drama.

p/s:this entry was supposed to post a week ago.hehe..
To korean drama,here i vow to pause watching k-drama n get hooked.Other types of korean entertainment boleh la kan?

Yang obses,


Kaseh Esmiralda said...

diz storylah yang menyebabkan Cik kaseh gile ngan Kpop skarang... minat yoon jihoo then kenal ss501... pastu tu layan shinee,dbsk,super junior, wonder girl... n byk lglah...

huhuhu~ duit baru melayang beli tiket konsert Super Junior semalam...

♥corcraze♥ said...

This story yg sbbkan Cik Kaseh minat kpop?ingat minat semua korea stuff ke,heheh..

oh super junior nk dtg sini ke?
brape la agaknye ticket price SJ tu,fuh.
kite kureng sikit dgn kpop,tp lyn jgk la,dulu gila SG Wannabe.suara dorang..fuhhh!!!goosebumps ouh!

tp some of the singer susah nk track pasal dorg,mcm Someday dgn Why yg nyanyi lgu Full House tuh.
dahla nm pelik,hahaha.

Nurafiqah Nasuha said...

Review kak Teh pon best!
nasuha pon prasan kalo babak kiss/hug tak over pon.Igtkan memg korean mcm tu.hahah

Watak Woo Bin kurang mnyerlah,tp die ade prob ape eh yang smpai bdiri atas jmbatan tuh?xpham sngat part tuh.

Lagu2 pown best,nasuha suke Ashly-lucky.huhu

♥corcraze♥ said...

hahaha,thx nasuha.
Ashly tu k.teh xsuke sgt dlm ni,boleh2 jela,sbb dah terbiasa dga Ashly dlm Witch Yoo Hee (director same dgn BOF ni xsilap-so no wonder la kan).

ouh,scene tuh Woo Bin mcm rendah iri lah sbb die tu ank mafia,org lain cucu ex-president,heir shinwha,n ank pottery terkenalkan.(keje halal la in short,heheh)

kalo tgk bnyk citer korean n japanese,taiwanese xsure sgt,mmg dorg tak passionate sgt kalu part nih(tp in real life xtaw la plk kn).
but ade actor yg MMG good kisser jgk,mcm yg k.teh taw so far Kwon Sang Woo lah kot,hehehe!