Monday, 19 July 2010


I wish i can do this this on her face!
Mesti bahagia hidup!

Arggghh.arghh..I never been this ANGRY before!
Just now,i checked my email,and received a replied mail from her!
from the previous (down entry here) and relate with his one..

Ape ke ba****g ko nih hah!!Who do you think you are nak order itu ini huh?!You think that you are older than me you can simply ask me anything huh?If you think that your age that allows you to do so,then you better act like one first!I know no matter what i said,advised you before you buat bangang you jek,that's all because im YOUNGER than you!An older person cannot listen to the younger one!Jatuh maruah eh?!F***k u lah!

And now,nOw,NOWWW!!!Because of that stupid and keras kepale of urs aku yg susah.Actually,to convert it is so damn easy,only a few clicks,but the way she ask the favour tu kan,AMBOIII!!!!GRRRR!!
So,now,do i have to convert it FOR HER??!!!She asked my because she knows that i know how to do it!That's why!

I just don't know,why is it if the person good at it must suffer the most!
I really want to know what is the 'silver lining' will i get behind all of this!


I would start with A.R.G.HHHHH!!!!
Everything..every little tiny isty bitsy thing is bad!horrible!awful!hopeless!terrible!nasty!(and the curses go on and on..) Be it a person,a group of people,the surrounding,college & study and my own unpredictable condition!

First of all,this assignments,no one can get away with them..or you'll be ruin!As for me the assg is not much of the pain,it's the people around me,that doing the same assg (classmate lah!) are the pain in the a$5****!!They are sometime (or i could also say every little times)
are on my nerve!Arghh!!!How i wish i can get away with all this bloody ppl!£$%^&*bangsheadondwall*

I just woke up just now by the Push Push-Sistar ringtone of my text msg,while i was humming to the song,and do a little moves,i open the text,i read and it's from her!And those little dance of mine suddenly stop and URGH!Asking me about the assg in this early (well it's actually 11am but hoi!,i woke up at 5am ok to have my sahur,darn u!)Back to that person,she ask me how i do my assg,how i find the articles cause ONCE AGAIN,SHE COULDN'T FIND IT!!!(oh puh-leaseee,that's so lame of you,im so tired of that excuseS!GIMME A BREAK!)

Your lame quotes;;
Those words ie; "I could't find it,i've tried..","Could you help me with it?" "Just gimme the link" "Teh help me lah,you pandai on all this internet searching etc" (And let me remind you again,im also kinda good on Microsoft Office(MO) ok!-cause i took and learn in the computer class WE TOOK TOGETHER-you lovely sat beside me!)

Our MO memories;;
Seriously i know you like the back of my hands,like i know my own body ok. I've been beside(cause i don't have my own lappy-a mobile one) you when doing the assignment together,we Googled,we making slides,and even working on MO (your old MO '03 eh,Oh i couldn't even remember the year!)
I also been nagging you like hundreds of times to install the '07,it's for your own sake too,-and obviously mine,but you kept on saying "i wanna get the super latest one 2010",then GO AHEAD!But make sure you read the USER GUIDE,or better you use your genius brain and memories it-do not come to me,and complains about it cause im not using that super latest 2010 MO!
So,up until now,you have done nothing with ur OLD MO!
And even with that OLD MO,you couldn't even master,how are going going to use the 2010 MO huh?!We took the computer class,and we LEARNT about MO 2003,still,you don't know how to use it..WTFH!

Your s.m.a.r.t.a.$.$;;
This is when were in last sem(4th),her and her are assigned for an interview.In one scene
i don't understand about that particular thing,so i ask her, and she explained, "Alaa,tu mcm blablablablablablaaaaaa,senang je.."
I was like,ok,at least you understand it,so if anything i hope u could answer it,OK!

When we were at that place for the interview,in another scene about the same topic,the interviewer asked 'What do you mean by that,you're a tourism student,what do you understand by that?blablabla like what?' And i looked at her,sending a msg 'YOU SHUD EXPLAIN THIS LIKE U GENIUSLY EXPLAINED TO ME!-im preparing for the next question!'

While the other her is just beautifully sit there with a pen and a blank book!The reason,"Sorry,i don't know how to speak English,plus i don't understand their English+ ____ accent"(with that innocently look)and you don't even wanna give it a try huh,you want people keep on thinking about malay student like they have already think huh?-Malay student bad at English,plus shame to try?-i also stuttered,but since she is so blank in english,and she is so fluently in english but i just don't know what's her prob that she refuses to speak up,so I HAD!)

Another madness was in this early 5th sem,our very first assg,she asked me,what's the title for that assg should be,I said **** and she did ####,she ask me which one is the correct one,of course I stick with the one i said.And she asks why **** and not ###,and the argue keeps onnn!Hey you asked me,and i've answered,why must still argue,keep with that #### if you think that's right!End up,she's doing ****** jugak!WHAT THE HELL!>__<

And one last (it sooo much,but had to pick randomly what i still remember),she,she and me went our for lunch together at McD.She randomly asked, "Teh,why are they providing the KETCHUP eh??Ohh,Must be because they make Nasi Ayam kot..?"
Me,'Hoi,McD don't make Nasik Ayam la,KFC does!Ketchup is TOMATO SAUCE not SOY SAUCE!'( She speaks English,way fluent than me,and why the helll...?OMG!)

Anyone out there still doesn't know what ketchup is??And what is the difference with Tomato Sauce???Yes YOU! Do You Know??!

You might think im act all great,nice,clever all my self.And also selfish,arrogant,helpless,so called friend,biatch or what the hell that's in your mind.LIKE I CARE!

This is the do's and don',YES YOU!*pointing finger*

  • Do not argue lah if you not sure about it yourself.Listen to what i have to say.I'll share what i know,OK!
  • Do,go on if you think you are right.and go on with what you've said,not mine!
  • Do try first before you can say 'I don't know'.Please,put some effort!
  • I don't mink you asking,but,seriously it's irritating.So,i dunno what to say though..
  • Ask once,more than 3 times you ask me the same question,surely i'll smack you down!
  • Do you have any other problem with me?Come,let's just confront!

Yang Geramm,

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

hectic weeks..

Haloooo,it's been decade huh?hahah..
I really miss my et cetera,but could't find time to seat in front here and typing typing typing..
this few weeks,after the midterm has passed it is presentation weeks,assignments datelines,and not to forget classes queueing up ahead.huhuh!

Sound so freakin' busy huh,hahah,but i still got time for facebook,and games in it,i hate me!

coming up:
  • Malaysian Studies sosial issues presentation (they already sent the hard cory,i know nothing abt it,not even start the assg,damnnn!!!),
  • Travel&Tour Agency Mgmnt:about travel agency(go to the travel agency and interview-haven't went to any yet-23rd present-argh!!!),Individual-travel agency department(DONE 90%)
  • Domestic Tourism-Genting report (simple one anything abt genting,regarding the trip)
  • Marketing-SWOT&Packaging&Labelling (haven't done anything yet-20th submit-huh?!!today uh!!)
Yang Atwitsend;

Monday, 1 March 2010

I'm A Loner..daridididara duu..

Hooked by them! This new korean-indie band,C.N Blue (Code Name Blue) consists of these hot boys.They're just my age je pon.What I like about this band is,firstly their super catchy music (I first listen to Im A Loner and truly love it!),secondly they made a mini album (Now or Never) full of english song,andddd their english pronunciation are perfect,not like others korean entertainers ok!

♥Lee Jong Hyun♥

Pleaseeee be free to try to listen to this 2 videos.
1:Official video of Im a Loner (absolutely catchy,great mv you'll ♥ it!)
2:English mini album,i bet-Now or Never.

Here is the lyrics.Listen,Judge and Leave comment!^_^

Teh The fan,

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

result under maintenance..

Ni baru balik college,ade class tapi tak pegi. Ade sebab musababnya. So,dga2 result last sem is out!! For klmu's students,kiteorg nak tgk result mcm bdk2 sekolah dulu,tgk dekat papan kenyataan. Huhh,sedeyhh gileee..! Last friday dgrnya dah tampal but student yg jiwa kacau koyakkan!Huhh! Dah bodoh nak menyusahkan orang pulak!

So,tahapku IQ utk sem 3: English A '++' (ohh well,although i almost thought i was gonna failed/NC it!I made a mistake on choosing the essay's topic,darn!),
PC Com-B (if it was internet or social networking class i bet i'll get an A++ !no doubt!haha!),
Principle of Tourism-B+ (it's about the very basic of tourism,hurmm,will i get into Tourism Malaysia with this grade!huaaa!),
Mandarin & Travel Sales-C+ !(Mandarin,bu shi tao!Kalau korean A++ dah!Tutup mata boleh buat!Hahah!Travel sales susah gak,lecturer tak abis ugut ramai failed,cet!)

Overall?Rase better (ngok ko!as long as there's C's!) sbb tu ade gut nak announce nih,hahah!Tapi ni tak tgk pointer lagi,i think it is on it's way now to my house.
Walaubagaimanapun,in this sophomore year my aim is just to get rid of those C's, and maintain to stay away from getting NC or fail!(shuhh! shuhh!)
Et Cetera menjadi saksiku!

Tapi kaann,subject sem nih macam semua ada potential utk dapat C jek,camne niehhh..

Sophomore Diggin' Her Own Grave,

Pisang busuk berbuah banyak kali,menchi!

Ahhh,menci,menci,menci!I really don't know what's gotten into me,lately or before2 this lagi..huh.
The story goes like this.Yesterday got nite class,i was worried like the first day i went to the nite class harituh.But,this time im worried because the friend im usually with (the indian gal) isn't coming,got her personal things.So i had to depend on my male friend,Zaf.ok,im too dependant,totally agree.But i have to,it's a night class ok.So,boy kan bukan leh pecaye sgt,nak tanak dtg class suke suki dorang jek.So risau la kalo die tak dtg nak balik ngan sape.
Lagi tambah risau,lrt 4 coaches yg dinaiki pulak dekat Tmn Bhg and Tmn Paramount dok stuck for about 10-15mins at each stations.I was staring at my watch jelah.Sambil layan ost You're Beautiful.Dengar announcement kata lrt gerak lambat,jam kat depan,lrt pon jam jgk taw jgn xtaw!
Rupenye kilat berdentam dentum laa..Patut xdga sbb telinga duk dengar drum je dr tadi.huh.
Sampai Masjid Jamek Putra & Star everything was fine,disinilah curse ke apa entah kena kat aku,huh!;
..tetiba turun kat the next station.Jalan half-way nak turun tangga,rase macam pelik.Tengok sekeliling..Ni bukan Sultan Ismail yg sepatutnya aku turun kan,ni BANDARAYA!ohh,b******t! In my mind was;

a)What to do now?(glance at the back,pintu bukak lrt lagi tu,kalo lari pakai sandel ngok licin jatuh mau double malu!)
b)What should i act?(Terus jalan pastu,hmm,ok!)

~~~Camera action!~~~~
Scene 1:Pura-pura terus berjalan.

scene 2:Berhenti kat tepi.(org tgk2)Buat2 tengok handphone.As if ade text msg masuk.Konon nak meet up with someone at somewhere(Bandaraya now that someone tukar tempat nak jumpa dekat Sultan Ismail pulak)

cene 3:Ok,got that 'text msg' (of course i got text mssgs,but it was from my mom & my male friend instead)Patah balik,berlari, k o n o n.l a m b a t.f o r."m e e t i n g" !.

Scene 4:(someone is looking weirdly at me tuh,seems like he noticed huh?!)
Buat2 received a call from that 'someone'.Answer it out LOUD!
"Lahh,ko nak jumpa dekat Sultan Ismail pulak ke,aku baru turun Bandaraya ni.Emm,takpe2 aku naik train balik.Tuu,nak sampai dah.Haa,ok jumpa nanti ok!Byee!"

Scene 5:Bila lrt star sampai,naik.Stand still near the door!

FYI:Scene 4 tak buat ok! Although malu punya pasal,eager nak buat tu macam 80% dah! Tgk drama bnyk camni lah esp korean.Hee..Gileee hape buat..Lagi malu woo..

To think of it,this isn't the first time (of course it isn't) nor the second or pathetic!
The last time i remembered was on my way back from college,in the Putra LRT.Im supposed to turun at Tmn Bhg,but i was daydreaming and when it's at KJ,baru sedar.Dah keluar pintu,nak turun escalator baru teringat that i can just sit there and the train will going back to Tmn Bhg kan?Or just sit at the waiting bench.While im thinking of these i passed the exit already.Nasib station tuh bnyk kedai,so i was just doing what im good at-Cover line-wandering at those shops.I forgot if i bought anything though..Tapi tak malu la pulak bila lalu kat entrance/exit tunjuk travel pass dekat org yg sama.Hahahah!

Haahh,lagi satu tapi ni kes lain sikit..dekat lrt star mmg i prefer just standing near the door je (i didn't lean on it ok)sebab 2stations je pon.Mase tuh dekat Bandaraya,ade makcik masuk terus tanya soalan mengejut "train ni pegi sentul ke?" Aku pon blur+tekejot, "Huh?Iye2". pastu tengok balik path laluan train star ni mana pegi.Mmg aku blur skit ngan star ni sbb ade Sri Petaling and Ampang,gile keliru!Aku ngan merengnya pegi kat akak tu "Akak,akak nak pegi Sentul kan?Salah la kak,ni nak pegi blablabla..Xpe akak bleh (comes with solution konon)"

Masatuh nak sampai my destination dah,akak tu ckp,"eh,betul lah..kan tu (tunjuk aliran tu),anak die pon mengiyakan.Aku tgk balik..ayoyooo,what have i done!Being generous huh?Or honest?Or what the f***-ever! Aku cover-line,"haa'ahh,yelah2,sori kak,lupe!" Terus meluru keluar train!Sampai harini aku malu lagi bila ingat tuh!

p/s:Fathi,rase mcm ape yg ko post,jadi dekat aku jgk lah!
tak tiru yer.It happens!
Yang Tak Tau Ape dah Jadi Dengannya;

Friday, 19 February 2010

You're Beautiful/Minami Sineyo review..

Title: 미남이시네요 / You’re Beautiful/Minami Sineyo,A.K.A: You're Handsome
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: SBS

Synopsys (credit wikipedia):

Go Mi Nyu is a sister-in-training. When her identical twin brother Go Mi Nam successfully auditions into the musical band A.N.JELL but is forced to leave for the US to correct a botched plastic surgery effort, she is approached by his manager to pose as Mi Nam for the duration of his recovery. Against her wishes, Mi Nyu accepts in order to fulfill her brother's dream of finding their mother. Now, posing as Mi Nam, Mi Nyu enters the group A.N.JELL and meets its members; Hwang Tae Kyung, Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy.

Initially disliked by Tae Kyung, the group's leader and composer, Mi Nyu slowly falls in love with him, only to find herself entangled in a love triangle between him and Shin Woo. Jeremy also harbors a one-sided love for her despite not knowing she's a girl. Additionally, Mi Nyu finds herself rivaled against Yoo He Yi, an actress who also has feelings for Tae Kyung.

(f/l:Mo Hwa Ran-Tae kyung's mom,Stylist for a.n.jell,
Yoo He Yi-Korean's (fake) fairy,Manager Ma-Min Nam's manager.Last four-A.N.JELL!)
After getting obsessed with BOF,again now im broke my pledge getting myself hooked with YAB!Hee,It was,i could say better than BOF in some ways.If not I wouldn't waste Gigs of space on my hard disk by downloading the series on (currently on episode 14 after a week of downloading).
If u're familiar enough with k-dramas,it is common to have embarrassed and hilarious scenes for you to laugh your head off!However,here our world's famous A.N.JELL casts ^_^

Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung.

  • Vocal/leader for A.N.JELL
  • Typical hot-obnoxious arrogant-brat (like GJP)He’s very cold hearted due to the fact that his mom abandoned him when he was young
  • A son of a diva.
  • love it the way he calls 'Go Mi Nam' in a bossy way.
  • Has various hair styles in this drama (awesomeee!)
  • Loves to monologue!
  • Pig-rabbit's inventor!(i want that one!)
  • Gila sukeee sgt2 his very deep-manly voice (nak cari bf camtuh)
  • Had a heartthrob when watching him in Baby&Me.

Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam(male)/Go Mi Nyu(female).

  • Has a twin brother
  • A sister-in-training (nun)
  • Had to sacrificed herself for the sake of her twin brother (kire dipergunakan lah)
  • As a second vocalist
  • Senang dibuli,shy,lemah lembut and guna formal hangguk when speaks
  • Selalu buat benda yg Tae Kyung tak suka.Ade scene she spits,hahaha!
  • Selalu kata tak nak kacau Tae Kyung but keeps and end up kacau and menyusahkan jgk!
  • Di sayangi oleh dan direbut oleh 3orang jejaka (whoaaa..mcm GJD)
  • Her parents unfortunately have history with Tae Kyung's mom.
  • Suka buat pig-nose,esp bila hati tak keruan
Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo.
  • Guitarist/bass for A.N.JELL
  • A quiet and so caring person (reminds me of Ji Hoo bof)
  • Secretly loves Mi Nam,but late in confronting her end up loser -so sorry netizens (mcm Ji Hoo jgk)
  • He is a member of korean indie band,C.N Blue (so no wonder fans is on his side-i did too,but later i turned to Tae Kyung-heartthrob!,i don't really like 'slow' guy)
Lee Hong Ki as jeremy.
  • Drummer for A.N.JELL
  • Hardly see him sad
  • Believed to be related to royal Britain or something
  • Has a dog named Anjelina Jolie,called Jollie (love his accent when calling her)
  • Surprisingly,he also likes Mi Nam (even before the secret revealed)
  • Leader of FT Island (no wonder he has such a great vocal!)
  • Fans also go crazy for him,cause maybe he's already an idol in real life!(but not me,he's too childish for his character,and i think he looks funny in blonde!huhu)
I actually heard of this drama when it came out, but I didn’t start to watch it because I thought that it was going to be a boring drama since idol group members are acting in it,even though i knew JGS is the leader.However,i took a peek on the first episode on You Tube in one midnight,and i never had a wink of sleep till the next day.I thought if the episode wasn't complete i was gonna stop watching.But,from a peek,turns to an obsession.
Also, if you liked Boys Before Flowers (I liked it, but too overrated!), then You’re Beautiful will meet your expectations too. In fact, You’re Beautiful is even better than Boys Before Flowers!! In fact, this drama was so good that I finished it in a few days.
Lastly,the OST,this plays the important part too.Like BOF,all the OST no doubt are easy listening and superb!Plus,almost all the OSTs were sung by the casts them self,and they made it!

01. Still / As Ever – Lee Hong Ki
02. Descend from the Sky – Miss $ ft. Oh Won Bin
03. Without Saying – 9th STREET
04. Lovely Day – Park Shin Hye
05. Promise – Lee Hong Ki ft. Jung Hwa Young
06. My Heart’s Calling – Kim Dong Wook
07. Without Saying – Park Shin Hye
08. Still / As Ever – A.N.JELL
09. Promise – A.N.JELL
10. Without Saying (Piano ver.) – Various Artists
11. Still / As Ever (Bossa ver.) – Various Artists

My Rating: 4.5/5
I wanted to rate 5/5 but thinking of the only thing that is not logic,i gave this.the thing is : I've heard once that boy-girl twins could never be identical,they are just fraternal.I've done my research on this,but if there any other way this could happened then,it's my bad.Glad if a pro would guide me on this.Thank You!

Yang Cinta JGS♥,