Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hanguk Yori (Korean Food) @ The Street Cafe!

Lot 179 , Asian Avenue,Sunway Pyramid.

Checking out,ngehehe..

Finally!Here comes Ms.Corcraze to full fill her craziness!Yesterday my Sam-chon (uncle) and me went to Sunway Pyramid (SP)to catch Avatar and also try on some korean at The Street Cafe.It was kinda easy to locate this,if u already know where is Asian Avenue area at.Before we proceed,Komap sumnida to K-Popped! article that's leads me here,i wouldn't be here if not because of ur informative blog!*Bow*

We were arrived at SP around 7pm,then rushed to find where the h**l is this Asian Avenue.Once found,then cari pulak The Street Cafe sign,yay,i spot it first!Then,some weird actions happened:I wasn't sure it it is the right cafe (although the sign was obviously hanging there,so i gaze wandered around the stall and pretending looking at the sample-wrapped food in front of the stall-actually there were no empty seat.huhhu..)
At last we settled just sitting at the bar first,if there is empty table then we move.Tapi bila dah ade kosong sam-chon nak duduk kar bar je,cam best katanyer.ok then.
Pastu pulak,boleh2 workers die x greet kiteorg pon,i noticed later they'll greet 'Annyeong Haseyo' to all the customers,and also yg tengok2 mcm i td tu.Arghhh..OK!Whatever!Let's check out what we had!

What to choose..ermm..

It already takes time just to choose the menu (ok,cause maybe everything look just the same to me lah!)hehehe..First time ok.Bianeyo!
Finally,our order arrived but it takes quite sometimes though.(a little disappointed with the service-urgh)

My Raboki include soup and Kimchi together with it.
And Sweet BBQ Chicken.A can of Sweet Korean Rice.

Mine is Raboki Set (RM16.90) consists of original Raboki and Sweet BBQ Chicken (like our satey but sweeter,stickier and bigger,so tasty dowhh!).Soup and the Kimchi is already included.There were some panjang but not so panjang la,i think it is the rice cake!It taste ok,tapi ber'wresting' jugaklah dengan gigi sebab it's quite kenyal!Overall Raboki super spicy for those who can't stand hot foods,but later ur tounge will get use to it,don't worry.If u're not so good handling the chopsticks,don't worry cause they are not using the traditional Sujeo and the food is so sticy,its stick on ur sujeo!Heheh.Btw,once u're in korean territory,automatically u know how to use those!Hahaha!

Ada makanan mesti ada airkan,so for drink i've choosen the specially imported from South Korea,Sikhye RM4.90 (sweet korean rice).The first sip,urgh..it tastes like anchovy!But,when it's almost finish,i feel like;"One more can,juseyo!"Hahaha!

From left:Soup,Kimchi,Sikhye,Hanguk Cha?

Sam chon picks almost like Raboki,it's RBK Fried Chicken RM13.90 (RBK stands for Raboki maybe??)It also has rice cake in it.Beze cuma ada chicken kot?And the drink Korean Tea RM 1.90 and you can refill it some more,fancy it?(im not very sure what kind of tea it actually is since there're hundreds types of it,see here).

Lupe nak amik close-up pix yg lagi satu nih.
Btw,ade wifi,tp kedai sebelah punya.hehe.

Other than these,we also ordered an additional,it is Korean Pancake Original (i think when it is folded it'll become like those Jan Di made for Gun Pyo in the lunch box tu kot?)Rase macam pancake,never tried pancake before?It's Lempeng ok,tak taw jgk i lempang kang!Hahaha!But it way more tasteless in a nice way lah,good,sbb the main dish dah tasteful kan.The best is its crispy the the edge tuh,Gulpp!

Korean Pancake-Original.
Sadly,I didn't managed to finished it till licin,cause i was so darn full,nasib x bluekk je.Then i found this,that makes me feel slightly guilty!O.o!
That's all,so it costs me tambah tolak sumer RM50,ok la kot.Sekali sekale belanje my Sam-Chon kan..Hehehe..yg lain2 dah mmg on him dah.With this RM50,it will be worth paying if these are perfect!

Service: Ok,firstly the waiter only one person.I think his the boss/leader here and the worker said he's the only chongmal 'real' korean. So probably that's the reason why the order is late.Or maybe the other waiter is off-duty?Or he miss us out,cause we were sitting off-the usual place he was serving?ok,whatever..
Cutlery:Or a.k.a sujeo (i wiki-ed it) They aren't using the original korean spoon,that suppose to have long-handled shallow metal spoon.There must be a reason they didn't use it.
Friendliness:This is maybe the only place i think i could meet korean,kan?So,i was thinking i there were some friendly korean maybe we can have a customer-worker chat.Maybe he can explains about the food aite.ok,maybe he was buzy that day.It just happens that day he wan't in that 'friendly' mode.Or tired.
Korean:The best if the workers are native korean,hahaha..its impossible aite.Instead,they are Nepals.okla,masa kiteorg snap pix dorg tgk2,ckp2 with their Nepals,senyum2,ok,i was exited ok,huh.

This Noona is making the pancake.

The kitchen,haa,dlm bekas besar dekat ni,that is rice cake,rasenyalah,
or some one pls correct me.yg tu BBQ chicken tgh di-bbq.

Don't worry,it's DEFINITELY HALAL ok.
Fancy to give it a try??

The Street Cafe also has another double storey outlet in SS15 Subang Jaya.I will definItely go,maybe for my 20th birthday,with my family.Im sure the service there is way more awesome!Hope so!
Till then,An-nyong-hi Ka-ship-sio!♥♥

Yang Berpuas Hati,


Nurafiqah Nasuha said...

eh nape workers die tak greet korg,teruk nye?
nasuha rase sbb kak teh org mlayu kot?

haha ingatkan bulat2 kt menu tu pizza.korean food rse laen macm o bese je?
Pelik nyee nasik dalam tin?loya pulak tekak nasuha.huhu
Raboki set tu memang nmpak pedas giler,sesuai la kalo org n9 yg tahan pedas.haha

Paling best,kat cafe tu bley nmpk kitchen dorg.syok je dpt tngok cara dorg buat mkann tu.

♥corcraze♥ said...

hahaha,sbb xde seat la kiteorg duk kat bar tu n dpt tgk dorg msk,kalo tak dduk tmpt biasa bahagian dpn laa..

agak la kot,sbb melayu,n pakai tudung lak tu.and mostly melayu dtg tgk2 je,so dorg malas nak greet..tapikan masa ktorg sampai ade jek sorg pompuan bertudung dok tgh mkn..hmm..

hahaha..bolat2 tu pancake dia,best.
nampak jek pedas,memula tu pedas la sikit lama2 xpon,ok jek.masak lemak cili padi lg pedas kot!

texture korean food ni lain la kot,die more to melekit2,kenyal2 camtu,kalo suke garlic ha mkn la kimchi.hahaha..k.teh mmg xsuke kimchi.first try masa dkt uk.urghh..

Caja said...

i'm sooooo going to this place this weeekkk. goshhh,sounds really fancy!

♥corcraze♥ said...

yup!it's soooo fancy!!!!
but i think u better go at ss15 subang,it's wat better i bet!

zalilah said...

i think u shuld go to another branch.sana lagi best plus workers dia lagi ramai..and u can ask anyhting bout the food..i've been there 3 times..trust me mmg puas hati..berganda2 dr sunway pyramid branch.satu maybe sunway a lilbit crowded..then workers dia kurang..another branch kat SS15/8 subang jaya..give it a try ^_^