Thursday, 21 January 2010

..fourth sem..'s my second year in college uh..I did it well did't i..hahaha..
Tak sangka dah separuh jalan rupanya aku melangkah,tinggal lg separuh utk sampai ke destinasi.
And as our level increases the the subject becomes tougher and things get even more complicated i guess..So,sem ni subjects yg bertuah adalah;

1. Travel & Tour Marketing (Mon 11-2pm)
2. Travel & Tour Agency Management (Mon 2-5pm)
3. Domestic Tourism (Fri 2-5pm)
4. Marketing (Wed 12-1.30,Thur 10-11.30)
5. Malaysian Studies
(Im in a new class with no details.If clash need to change or drop it!)

So,subjects preview:first and second mesti just blaja pasal tourism and blablabla..ha,its a reading subject,so..*yawnnn*hehe..
Domestic surely AKAN PERGI 'OUTSTATION' i did planned with the mates if we're happens to be in the same class we will organise the tour!!yeahhhee!
Marketing harap senang..?anyone with experience?How was it?Harap mcm management.hehe.
Malaysian studies masalah sbb ni subject famous (semua course kena amik,so..huh).

so second week of the semester it needs to be settled,since im not going for this whole week!
Ponteng+mula tunjuk belang in sem 4!*evil laugh*

till then..

Yang Corcraze in College,


vassy sheera said...

marketing yeah??
senang je marketing...
just kene paham and rajen membaca...
e2 je...
cm aku blaja basic marketing je...
gile senang tp bnyk lah nk kene hafal...
tp kau msty blh buat nye...
trust me!!! =D

hope u can score and dapat highest mark!!! :))
wish u luck yaaawww dear... :D

♥corcraze♥ said...

samela aku pon blaja basic marketing jela kot nnt..
harap jgk aku leh buat..ahahaha..
thanks dear!