Tuesday, 20 April 2010

hectic weeks..

Haloooo,it's been decade huh?hahah..
I really miss my et cetera,but could't find time to seat in front here and typing typing typing..
this few weeks,after the midterm has passed it is presentation weeks,assignments datelines,and not to forget classes queueing up ahead.huhuh!

Sound so freakin' busy huh,hahah,but i still got time for facebook,and games in it,i hate me!

coming up:
  • Malaysian Studies sosial issues presentation (they already sent the hard cory,i know nothing abt it,not even start the assg,damnnn!!!),
  • Travel&Tour Agency Mgmnt:about travel agency(go to the travel agency and interview-haven't went to any yet-23rd present-argh!!!),Individual-travel agency department(DONE 90%)
  • Domestic Tourism-Genting report (simple one anything abt genting,regarding the trip)
  • Marketing-SWOT&Packaging&Labelling (haven't done anything yet-20th submit-huh?!!today uh!!)
Yang Atwitsend;