Thursday, 1 January 2009

..happy new year 2009..!

Menanti detik tahun baru depan tv dgn ditemani 1bungkus Burger Abang..(sedap taw!)
tuka TV3 xde concert pon,yg ade Ambang 2009 kat RTM jee..
Abg2 main mercun aku tgk je..rakam2,and tutup telinga..
Nak pasang api jgn la harap!
Conclusion disini;aku menyambut tahun baru dgn amat2 buhsannye..

A friend of mine asked me,my new year resolution.And i said to myself."I haven't made any new year resolutions.I never stick to them anyway."hehe..But,who knows starting from now on i can make some and stick to that.

My resolution,I think I have some in mind that i really want to do and achieve.
First of all is a common one for the uni student..
and i also have one for my personal life..(weeeheee)
Utk blog nih pon ade taw..hehe..tggu jelah..
tp xsure lg..(boleh ke..)

So,i dunno what am i talking about cause its almost 2am in the morning so just pray and work hard for all of us to achieve what we wish..


Olpicture said...

about that novel thing... if you have a passion for it, you could start with a short stories, submit to local newspaper and maybe it could develop into a Novel someday

♥corcraze♥ said...

huh??woww..thats is so not what i think now..i've never thought that far..btw,thanks for the idea..

im just thinking to make a short stories because i feel like some magnetic thing is pulling me towards it!
but,i dunno,i want to concentrate on the priority first and i want to achieve my 2009 resolution that is
improving my english and be able to communicate with peoples and infront of the crowds!

i just need CONFIDENCE ad COURAGE!
(semangatnye bunyi..)

p/s;if i achieve it this year,i can think of another for 2010!
also related to 'language'..guess??

p/s::WTF am i tellin u here..i should have told on the entry!gurgh!