Monday, 15 June 2009

..into 2nd sem.. has come to an end..uwaa.. Did i enjoyed my holiday?-Boleyh laa..but i wish i could have a better one..huhuh.. Next semester is the short sem so it's about 3 months,starting today!
I'll be studying;;

Foreign Language-Mandarin,
Business subject-Accounting,
Subject course-Tourism Geography..

I am so keen to learn Mandarin,it sounds nice,difference and new to me!

But,is it difficult?In writing or in speaking?
Humph,let's time decide!

For,accounting..urgh..i kinda hate it..
I took accounting for spm,yet I've no chemistry with number..
But,hope this time is difference..*sighing*..

Tourism Geography and the basic Geography..what's the difference??

I left the subject 4years ago ok..And I'm suck at maps etc etc..adoi..
But I'm still looking forward on how is the subject would be..
And maybe this subject could bring us outstation to do the assignment (that's what our seniors told us)..hehehe..
I going to have this class today,there'll be an introduction about the class,subject etc so I'm ready to go!ngee~~

Last sem's result..??


Olpicture said...

Good luck with the new Semester! you have to learn to see things in different angle... be creative and let loose! kalau dah amik tourism tu kena la global yea!

N F N Z ™ said...

argh jeles nye ko dah amik mandarin
kt kolej aku tkde lect utk mandarin subject
so tkde laaa! huhu
nk berguru ngn ko lah gini! hehe

♥corcraze♥ said...

olpicture:huaaa..ur comment is tense for*sigh*

fathy:jelez?xyah la..ko nak study foreign language online bntk..
ha,ko beguru ngn aku mandarin aku beguru ngan ko accounting!

chempakabiru said...

ha,belajo ler cakap mandarin cepat- cepat,nanty kalo jumpa adam boley 'speaking'.
Best of luck in ur new sem,dear!
C U,soon!

Ziyad said...

Good Luck Budak Kecik.....

Picture from SMIDEC are up at my flickr.

Check out my Blog too

Olpicture said...

when you think about geography in tourism, you have to think about FUN! FUN! FUN!... learn the beauty and fun fact of the country, than it would be interesting!

wish i could do the same about taxation! hu hu hu... wish i were at your place...

♥corcraze♥ said...

cempakabiru:hah??adam amik mandarin yeah?
ala,budak umo brape dah blaja mandarin lame dah,kite baru nak blaja,tu pon kecoh je kan?
see me soon?are going come down here?

Ziyad:huh??ape kamo kate?if i am the Budak Kecik,so u must be the Budak Besar kee??
answer me..!
tanak usha ur blog!not even a peek!
muahaha!*evil laff*

Olpicture:yeah!u got ur point there!yes,i will!And my lecture alresdy told the introduction about the subject,so it is an interesting subject!!
thanks for the motivation advice!

chempakabiru said...

yup!adam amik mandarin since form 1.nak amik french tp kelas da penuh masa tu.nina lak amik jepun.naty depa borak jadi sembang itik & ayam!hehehe...
Corcraze nape xamik Korea?

Org Ganu said...

so cute la baby kat header tu,anak sape tu?

♥corcraze♥ said...

anak sy,eh2,ank sedare lah,ank abg..tu abg n akk ipar and mak jugak..

♥corcraze♥ said...

cempakabiru:pergh..gempak nye skolah sampai ade blaja foreign language!
so this is the third year adam blaja mandarin la?sure da bleh speaking,teh stakat 2,3 bln jek mana nak fluent!
korean mana ada demand sgt dlm industry.although my industry im into now needs to be multi-language tp yg plg pntng arabic,french,mandarin,spanish,japanese camtu lah.ikot tourist bnyk dr mana la kan..
humph,tergugat jgk ngn both lil cousin of mine..ngehehe..

Anonymous said...

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