Monday, 19 July 2010


I would start with A.R.G.HHHHH!!!!
Everything..every little tiny isty bitsy thing is bad!horrible!awful!hopeless!terrible!nasty!(and the curses go on and on..) Be it a person,a group of people,the surrounding,college & study and my own unpredictable condition!

First of all,this assignments,no one can get away with them..or you'll be ruin!As for me the assg is not much of the pain,it's the people around me,that doing the same assg (classmate lah!) are the pain in the a$5****!!They are sometime (or i could also say every little times)
are on my nerve!Arghh!!!How i wish i can get away with all this bloody ppl!£$%^&*bangsheadondwall*

I just woke up just now by the Push Push-Sistar ringtone of my text msg,while i was humming to the song,and do a little moves,i open the text,i read and it's from her!And those little dance of mine suddenly stop and URGH!Asking me about the assg in this early (well it's actually 11am but hoi!,i woke up at 5am ok to have my sahur,darn u!)Back to that person,she ask me how i do my assg,how i find the articles cause ONCE AGAIN,SHE COULDN'T FIND IT!!!(oh puh-leaseee,that's so lame of you,im so tired of that excuseS!GIMME A BREAK!)

Your lame quotes;;
Those words ie; "I could't find it,i've tried..","Could you help me with it?" "Just gimme the link" "Teh help me lah,you pandai on all this internet searching etc" (And let me remind you again,im also kinda good on Microsoft Office(MO) ok!-cause i took and learn in the computer class WE TOOK TOGETHER-you lovely sat beside me!)

Our MO memories;;
Seriously i know you like the back of my hands,like i know my own body ok. I've been beside(cause i don't have my own lappy-a mobile one) you when doing the assignment together,we Googled,we making slides,and even working on MO (your old MO '03 eh,Oh i couldn't even remember the year!)
I also been nagging you like hundreds of times to install the '07,it's for your own sake too,-and obviously mine,but you kept on saying "i wanna get the super latest one 2010",then GO AHEAD!But make sure you read the USER GUIDE,or better you use your genius brain and memories it-do not come to me,and complains about it cause im not using that super latest 2010 MO!
So,up until now,you have done nothing with ur OLD MO!
And even with that OLD MO,you couldn't even master,how are going going to use the 2010 MO huh?!We took the computer class,and we LEARNT about MO 2003,still,you don't know how to use it..WTFH!

Your s.m.a.r.t.a.$.$;;
This is when were in last sem(4th),her and her are assigned for an interview.In one scene
i don't understand about that particular thing,so i ask her, and she explained, "Alaa,tu mcm blablablablablablaaaaaa,senang je.."
I was like,ok,at least you understand it,so if anything i hope u could answer it,OK!

When we were at that place for the interview,in another scene about the same topic,the interviewer asked 'What do you mean by that,you're a tourism student,what do you understand by that?blablabla like what?' And i looked at her,sending a msg 'YOU SHUD EXPLAIN THIS LIKE U GENIUSLY EXPLAINED TO ME!-im preparing for the next question!'

While the other her is just beautifully sit there with a pen and a blank book!The reason,"Sorry,i don't know how to speak English,plus i don't understand their English+ ____ accent"(with that innocently look)and you don't even wanna give it a try huh,you want people keep on thinking about malay student like they have already think huh?-Malay student bad at English,plus shame to try?-i also stuttered,but since she is so blank in english,and she is so fluently in english but i just don't know what's her prob that she refuses to speak up,so I HAD!)

Another madness was in this early 5th sem,our very first assg,she asked me,what's the title for that assg should be,I said **** and she did ####,she ask me which one is the correct one,of course I stick with the one i said.And she asks why **** and not ###,and the argue keeps onnn!Hey you asked me,and i've answered,why must still argue,keep with that #### if you think that's right!End up,she's doing ****** jugak!WHAT THE HELL!>__<

And one last (it sooo much,but had to pick randomly what i still remember),she,she and me went our for lunch together at McD.She randomly asked, "Teh,why are they providing the KETCHUP eh??Ohh,Must be because they make Nasi Ayam kot..?"
Me,'Hoi,McD don't make Nasik Ayam la,KFC does!Ketchup is TOMATO SAUCE not SOY SAUCE!'( She speaks English,way fluent than me,and why the helll...?OMG!)

Anyone out there still doesn't know what ketchup is??And what is the difference with Tomato Sauce???Yes YOU! Do You Know??!

You might think im act all great,nice,clever all my self.And also selfish,arrogant,helpless,so called friend,biatch or what the hell that's in your mind.LIKE I CARE!

This is the do's and don',YES YOU!*pointing finger*

  • Do not argue lah if you not sure about it yourself.Listen to what i have to say.I'll share what i know,OK!
  • Do,go on if you think you are right.and go on with what you've said,not mine!
  • Do try first before you can say 'I don't know'.Please,put some effort!
  • I don't mink you asking,but,seriously it's irritating.So,i dunno what to say though..
  • Ask once,more than 3 times you ask me the same question,surely i'll smack you down!
  • Do you have any other problem with me?Come,let's just confront!

Yang Geramm,


kak t said...

hahaha finally update blog.hmm seriously, id b very careful if i were u.this is one opportunistic pathogen. stay away from her. if u cant, never tell her the absolute truth, this two-timing girl.. haihh ive seen this time one too many time and i would just ignore and stay away from her as much as possible. really, save urself the agony and just ignore her

N F N Z ™ said...

Bengang gila ko nih haha. Aku pun boleh jadi rimas kot weh! Belajar sama2 tkkan satu hape pun tahu kan, semua nk tanya org n mintak kita buatkan! Erghhh!

♥corcraze♥ said...

hahah,finally??how did u know i've updated??ohh facebook yer?
hahah..emm..the prob is i cant get away from them,we are like so-called trio now..any assg,there's no one else i could turn to..they are not saying like others are worst,but i cant just jump to other friend whenever i like..some of them are diff anyhow i have too..
to think on the bright side,they are not that witch,one of them even got 4flats!the other,biase2 jek..
it's just their attitude sometime that on my nerve!
FYI,one of the girl is indian,so my former lecturer once advised me..
"no matter how close both of u are,there are still a gap,eg,what she knows (info,knowledge) she might not tell me-which is a malay,but me naively will tell her everything,absorbs as much as she can"
in short,there's no 1m'sia such thing!huhuh

♥corcraze♥ said...

fathy:hahahha,mana ko taw aku dah update,hahah..
taw xper doe,nnt aku forward kat ko msg die tanye aku mintak tlg pasal assg,agak lah,xkan aku nak ajar camne nak cari article step by step kot!
that's TOO MUCH lah kan.
and this isn't the first time taw tak,bukan tak nak tlg but she never learn!
almost everytime pasal search2 ni mesti nak kena ajar..

N F N Z ™ said...

Tk lah, aku baru update blogn aku tgk list blog nama ko baru update. tu yg semangat baca sampai habis walaupun panjang haha. Oh yeke, susah la mcm tu kalau korg mmg dah selalu sama2, susah la nk elak mcm tu ek! hmm. ko tk tegur dia depan2 ke? aku pun pernah rasa mcm tu tp aku rasa ko lg teruk kot! Haha. sabar oke!

♥corcraze♥ said...

huarghhh,entah la fathy,aku xtaw nak ckp camne,penah la jgk aku bg hint2 mcm 'hey,i thought u this already kan' or lagi laser;youu,amik kelas kom same2 ape je yang u belajar huh' hahahha!padan muke,aku taw,deep down inside dorg terase,but pls la,im sick of this!