Monday, 19 July 2010


I wish i can do this this on her face!
Mesti bahagia hidup!

Arggghh.arghh..I never been this ANGRY before!
Just now,i checked my email,and received a replied mail from her!
from the previous (down entry here) and relate with his one..

Ape ke ba****g ko nih hah!!Who do you think you are nak order itu ini huh?!You think that you are older than me you can simply ask me anything huh?If you think that your age that allows you to do so,then you better act like one first!I know no matter what i said,advised you before you buat bangang you jek,that's all because im YOUNGER than you!An older person cannot listen to the younger one!Jatuh maruah eh?!F***k u lah!

And now,nOw,NOWWW!!!Because of that stupid and keras kepale of urs aku yg susah.Actually,to convert it is so damn easy,only a few clicks,but the way she ask the favour tu kan,AMBOIII!!!!GRRRR!!
So,now,do i have to convert it FOR HER??!!!She asked my because she knows that i know how to do it!That's why!

I just don't know,why is it if the person good at it must suffer the most!
I really want to know what is the 'silver lining' will i get behind all of this!

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