Tuesday, 3 February 2009

..Tag from LonelyinGorgeous..

This tag is from Lonely in Gorgeous!
Check it out!

#01; - Sesiapa yang kena tag, kena tulis 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang meng-tag dia.
  1. He is my uncle from my mummy's side.
  2. The last member in the family-ank bongsu le..
  3. He is singe but dunno if he's available(sbb tu 'Lonely'inGorgeous,kan)
  4. He loves anything branded.
  5. Fashion or shud i say anything yg creative mmg ada pd dia!
  6. Kalau tanya pasal entertainment-award,music cpt je.lain ye jgk kot.
  7. Suka makan,belanja makan and also try something new.
  8. Quite emotional and sensitive.
  9. Bekerja keras utk maintain body skang ni.
  10. Caring,friendly,and he is quite helping.

#02; - Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 perkara. about yourself.

  1. We are same.the last member out of 6.and the only girl.
  2. Quite stubborn,self-conscious & lack of confident sometimes.
  3. Just starting to continue study at KLMUC
  4. In Diploma Tourism Management
  5. Still single and in search (xlah tipu je!)
  6. Im in attept to improve my english
  7. I love foreign language also-Korean&Japanese
  8. Im really into korean & Japanese dramas/movies.
  9. Love advanterous activities (but rarely tried one)
  10. I love to help people(esp family n friend)i'll try anything to help 'em.

#03; - At the end, you need to choose 10 people (not including the person who tagged u before) to be tagged and list their names.so that U'll know... did their really know U...

  1. Ardini
  2. Silent Angel
  3. Jack
  4. Tiqah
  5. Caja
  6. Zakiyah
  7. Slumberaja
p/s:Im sorry i dont have enuff frend to tag,so i just put these name ok! Cpt lah jwb i wonder what do u guys think about me pulak!!


Olpicture said...
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Olpicture said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, semua fakta tu betul... betul la kot! sebab semuanyer baik-baik belaka! Muahahhahah!

ArDiNi said...

ika kne tag kew??
org first plak tuh..
huhu nnti erk ika wat..
skrang nih agk busy arh akk..

♥corcraze♥ said...

xpe2 ika...take ur time dear..hehehe..