Friday, 27 February 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Mohd Yusuff Akhyar..!<15 Feb>

Sorriii le lambat sangat aunty teh ni update blog pasal yusuff ni kan..
Bz sesangat since cls dah start,and the assignment has been given to be life isn't easy aite!
Back to the topic,15 Feb 2009 Mohd Yusuff Akhyar has turned ONE YEAR OLD!

Hey! I'm ONE already!

*click this pic to see the funny face of the b'day boy!*

Bolatnyeee mate die!

He is sooo cute and adorable!!

Batman wishing Yusuff happy birthday!

Cupcakes buatan Mommy Yusuff! :)

The birthday's menus

Hahaha!! Kenapa muka yusuff mcm tu dgn aunty?

'You scare me Tok Pa!'hiihii..


I love this pic!
"what's this?"(suking fingers)

Tok Pa and Tok Mi's present!

Ehh,this toy is different from others..
from aunt & uncle Ti..

Clap hand!
The party tamat dgn jayanya!

P/S: The pictures is from Lonely in Gorgeous & Kak Tiqah!
Thx you guys!


Olpicture said...

memang kelakar lar si usop ni... papa dia tak tengok ke dari glasgow?

♥corcraze♥ said...

bz kot,nnt lah teh bgtaw die!

Olpicture said...

tok pa buat lawak...