Monday, 2 February 2009

the best cake decoration isss..

Ni cite dah lama sgt kot..
And this is a part of orientation activity,towards the end of it..
Anyhow, i nak jugak post..
bacause..look at these...

1st cake decoration..
Ok,but kurang kemas kot..

The group member with their cake decoration..

2nd cake decoration..
Simple,cute,colourful,but still dull..

And this is the group member..
clockwise;Imran,xtaw,kim bkn member and Salman..

3rd cake decoration..
Not bad,kurang kemas jgk and the heart is so huge!

The cake owner..

4th cake deco.. this one is quite ok yet dull..
-pic owners die xde-

The 5th and the last cake deco..
Terlampau bnyk bnda kat atas cake tu..
besepah btol la..heheh..

-pic of the owners die xde..-
but one of the member quite good in culinary,though!

Im not going to tell u guys the winner,but wanna ask for the opinion..
Which cake is the best (kalu xbest pon atleast okay lahh..)


Ms Bijoux said...

kek yang team member dia nama Adam, sebab Adam tu Cute! kek diA pun cute jugak!

Olpicture said...

whether the first one (tapi macam halfway done)... or the second one(sebab nampak kemas sket although too colourful)... which one is yours?
tapi ok lah...

TIQAH said...

suka the first cake. and second.

N F N Z ™ said...

dah la tgh lapar haiyaa

♥corcraze♥ said...

boleh tanya sapakan anda Ms Bijoux ni?nway,thanks!

Olpicture:which one is mine?hehe..i didn't go la..nyesal jgk..hehe.


Fathy:hahaha..cian ko,tp xclap kek ni bdk cuinary buat dah lama kot!hahahha!!xtaw ade org makan ke x!

to y'all,the WINNER is the 3RD cake!xtaw la apa yg lect tgk bgs kat kek tu!

Olpicture said...

Buroks kek pemenang!

♥corcraze♥ said...

yea3..i agreed!!!
kek kim mmg xcantek!

Cik Darjah Celcius said...

cake.4 tu yummy!!!camne no.3 plak yg menang???