Tuesday, 26 May 2009

vromm..vrroomm...going karting..

Aduyh!Sori banget gue kelewatan meng'up-date blog gue! heheh..
sori kat sape?hm,Last week kinda bz cause final,then after final has come to final,malas plak nak update!I just want to have my leisure time on the bed!


So,on the 17th May last week at Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik Cycberjaya(
KKTTC) was the 1st time in my life holding the steering+hit the accelarator+and the break=driving lorh!It was so dem,demm,damn awesome-st thing i've ever experience also(sumenye 'i've ever'!cet!xde ayat lain kew?).And not forget to mention LiG punya tawaran jugee (kamsa hamnida!)
Pas blik dari AF tu,dgn kepenatan yg amat I study sikit2 pasal Go-Kart.Sajee je,bkn semanget ape pun.Esoknye betolak pukul 8am.Sampai 8.30 lebih camtu sampai,isi form,briefing-important part!,breakfast and ready to go!

Ada 3 stages (10mins test drive-kenali track anda->qualifying->Final) Di mulakan dgn mengagih2 kan group by group sbb kart pon xbnyk and nak wat man-woman(+-50peserta).Yang ni utk test drive 10 mins.My turn last sekali (mix group).

Pergh..selekoh maut..xsuke2..
(sblm 'xcdent'..gegehehe..)

Sincerely,masa drive tuh dah xkesah kena bwk slow dulu ke ape ke.I just wanna 'remp-it' and over taking jek keje!kahkahkah! The voice inside me sayin''potong org depan ni..pecutt..yahooo mail!!hotmail!aik?!" Pas dah abis 'rempit' kena 'free-advice' for not participate in the next stage!Whathaaff..I think sbb i xpenah bwk kete,xckp umo dbandingkan ngn lain and the most imp. is ada ciri2 org yg menghabiskan duit utk maintainance kart kot (bumper depan kiri pecah gara2 nak pose kat camera!-lost control+conner maut=benci conner tuh!huaaaa!!)

Wahh,xcukop mulot nak becerite doee..

But still,I tak kesah langsung w/pon hanya dpt main 10mins test drive tuh jek(urgh..ehem..) But,some of them keep on asking me.."U ok kan main 10 mins je.Sori ek..xpe asal ade experience..blablabla..lalalalaa" (knock it off pls,or i'll cry..uhh?) Over all i was really enjoyed okay!And tak rase cam bengang ke ape ke xmsuk qualifying sbb all the buddy-buddies agak dah melepasi zaman teens dorg.Yang paling penting duduk2 pon boleh cuci mate siott ♥ ♥ ♥

Ni mase queue up for final race!
Ganbatte ne!

Qualifying ada 7 group (4-mens,3-ladies).The winner of each group will proceed to the finale!

from left guys:3rd plc,2nd plc,4th plc,Winner..
girls:3rd plc,Winner,2nd plc..

Postscript:I think this is the most messy n3 i've ever notice that's i've update!
Type dlm ketidakamanan kepale otak!
Chongmal mianneyo..


Olpicture said...

diaorang risau la sebab you are paid customer, nanti takut complain sebab tak kasi fair chance... tapi ok la enjoy the ride, takpe first time... next step, amik lesen kreta! ha ha...

♥corcraze♥ said...

cet!!hahaha..yeah..tu mesti!but now as in im studying..maybe pas diploma..mesti dpt tu dulu!mesti genggam segulung dip tu dlu..

heheh..yeap!mmg enjoy gle.and i was thinking,kalo teh xpecut cikit2 tu and just 'shopping'je msti nyesal..hehe!

♥corcraze♥ said...
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Anonymous said...

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