Friday, 6 March 2009

Tourists ohh assignment..!

Teyhanna ke nie??hehe..
As you all know im quite buzy skang ni..(iye ke..siap bleh g tgk CCBB lg..hehe). subject amik empat je pon;
  1. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Economy
  4. English Communication
The first assignment is Principles of Management required me to interview a manager. So i interviewed my former manager in subway.Oklah that assignment i got 9/10 jee..And the highest pon 9 je..

So,for the next assignments for Intro Hosp&Tourism need me to interview 10 tourists and for the group got to find any restaurant and have to interview them bout their restaurant and all..
The group assignment is okay since we got our pick already,but for the individual one..adoyyy.. Its easy to find,catch and approach them and interview them,but from what i heard from friends of mine said,"kalu cari kat KLCC nanti kena warning ngan pak guard!" huh?? WTF! and another is "Tourists xpecaye kite student sini!Dorg xnak kena interview,sbb dah la kita mintak personal info pasal dorg.Student card kite pulak xdpt lagi,official letter lecturer xbg..Payah la camni!" Aduyaii..camne lah nak wat assignment yg satu nih.. aku carik kat myspace ke,friendster ke kang baru taw! utk yg petama amik je address glassgow and interview je Kak Ti ke Lonely in Gorgeous ke..Adoy!Submission date end of this month!
Anyway,min-term is just around the conner-15 March & 21st nih. On the 22nd tu jgn lupe ye IM TURNING 19!!! HooHoooHoooo~~


Olpicture said...

nak interview i ker... Boleh jer, i kasi jawapan perspektif sebagai tourist! sah2 le tourist takut sebab Malaysian kan banyak mat Pau! selalu nak tanya jalan ke apa, end up mintak duit... pada yang innocent, kesian, jujur nak tanya direction pun orang tak layan dah....

♥corcraze♥ said...

yeah!im totally agree with you!