Monday, 25 August 2008

Hye hye..Bye bye..Beijing..

Byebye FUWA!

Is it to late for me to post about Olympic Beijing 2008??
Im not going to talk about the opening of Olympic or anything,
its about the over all,(esp malaysian teams)..

Sepanjang Olympic berjalan tuh,huhh..bukan main ssah nk tgk team m'sia!
Kat local channels sini asik tunjuk GB team jek..
naik menyampah betul!
Match yg m'sia main kkdng xtgk pon..

Wong Choon Han vs Taufik Hidayat 21-19,21-16.

Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong's double matches
that i didn't watch..:(

This Chong Wei lovers,Mew Choo's match also i missed..
after all she lost rite..

Lin Dan a.k.a ''Super Dan" won!

Lee Chong Wei with dejected and upset look!

For this Men's single final i watched and cheering like crazy at home! It is a disappointment moment for all the Malaysian who supported and wish Lee Chong Wei to win the first Olympic gold for Malaysia in the final with Lin Dan from China. Chong Wei loss to Lin Dan 21-12, 21-8.

From the start, Lee Chong Wei already showed that he was over power by China Lin Dan and the China crowd. Always shouting “Lin Dan Jia You - 林丹加油”… I think Lee Chong Wei wanted to hear Malaysia Boleh but … Lee Chong Wei too nervous and stressed out. Nothing that we could do, Lee Chong Wei only managed to win silver medal.

Anyway still proud and congrats to Lee Chong Wei.
RM300,000.00 from the government will be in his pocket . He will also enjoy a reward of RM3,000 monthly under the Olympic incentive scheme and it will take effect from next month. All the best and keep your training and trash Lin Dan in the next meet. Go LCW!

Josiah Ng..(sorry couldn't find others cyclist pics)

This cycling track i dapat tgk sbb local channel ade siarkan..
pagi bute la kena bgn..
tp disappointed sbb xtaw langsung result and tgk pon tak serious..
GB commentators kecoh giler sbb GB team menang!*sigh*


Olpicture said...

tak sempat la tengok closing ceremony...telupa pun bila harinya sebab dok sibuk pegi penang ikut member tour netball. jadik cameramem laks...

♥corcraze♥ said...

ohh.yeah..ktorg jgk la..
ade Rain!!
tgk je kat You Tube..